Balázs Kertész
Environmental Engineer/JÖN Founder/Zeewa Inventor

Balázs is the founder of the JÖN Foundation, the inventor of Zeewa and the driving force behind it. As an environmental engineer, he completes our team with knowledge and ideas.

I am Kertész Balázs, environmental engineer. I currently work as an environmental consultant and I am the operator of Wastehunter, as a founder member of JÖN Foundation.

I got my degree at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Szent István University, also I have a degree in Environmental Management System Development (Tüv Academy) and I have professional experience in environmental management (KDV-KTF).

As a leading developer, I am involved in creating a new waste management platform, one of the goals of the JÖN Foundation, which we plan to launch in 2019.

Regular sporting is a part of my life since I was a child, I believe in the saying: 'healthy mind in a healthy body'. In plogging I can connect my love of sports and love of environment.

I prefer a varied diet and have been an environmentally conscious consumer for years. I prefer inland, locally produced, manufactured products, which also means less household waste.

During my professional work I did research, which I started within the doctoral program of Szent István University, and with the help of these funds I developed a product-licensed complex compost mixture. I also dealt a lot with the rock called alginit, which is a rare natural resource with Hungarian roots. I have given many lectures on it.

My goal is to help people who are not proficient in science to understand the context of environmental systems. I believe, that every time it begins with the individuals, they have to take care of the environment to start the process mentioned above. To achieve this, I try to influence those, who are less susceptible to it.

As a temporary host, I have already had several dogs and kittens in need. I also find the issue of animal protection very important. I like to see others do the same and I appreciate it, because I find essential to transmit an exemplary legacy to the next generations. I would like to leave a vibrant, healthy and sustainable world for my child and for the posterity.