Gergely Tóth
Environmental Ambassador

I am Gergely Tóth. I became an entrepreneur and a startup designer from 3D visual designer. I have known Peter for 10 years, so I could watch closely the launch of the Wastehunter, the JÖN and then Zeewa too. I supported the work of Wastehunter and the JÖN Foundation from the beginning.

I participated in events and discussions where we planned the present and future of the foundation. On this occasions I tried to share my business experience with the foundation.

The Wastehunter drew attention to an important, significant problem and offered a solution. 

It is inevitable to maintain a livable environment and reverse the destruction of the environment, if we want to live as human beings on this planet later on.

Beyond activism, Zeewa has set up a real, commercially viable system to achieve this goal. I continue to support the work of the foundation and Zeewa to move us closer to our goals.