Péter Szebenyi

Environmental influencer/JÖN and Wastehunter funder

All this would never exist without Péter. He is the one, who spreads the word of environmental protection. He devotes all of his time to change the attitude. Support him, so he can continue his good work.

Personal introduction

I believe that everyone has to find the activity which brings out your full potential. For me, environmental protection is not just a professional issue, but the key for my fulfillment. Therefore, I take every opportunity to work for our planet, for our future.

Nowadays there is a negative tendency to neglect our environment. I am devoted to change this.

Related to my name:

- founding hulladekvadasz.hu, on January 1st 2016

- founding JÖN Foundation, I am the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of it

- szemetszedes.hu - launch Clean up Hungary together!

Our number one goal with the Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke (Future Eco-Generation) Foundation is to strengthen environmental protection in Hungary and to shape people's attitudes.

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