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These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GT&C”) contain the terms of using zeewa.io.

With the statement made during the registration and by using the services of zeewa.io an online contract is concluded between the User and the maintainer of zeewa.io, the Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation (abbreviated as JÖN) (2143 Kistarcsa, Hunyadi utca 37. Court registration number: 01-01-0012433, tax number: 18903221-2-41, hereinafter referred to as Service Provider).

The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend these “GT&C”. The Operator informs the Users about the change in the form of a short notice. This notice might be sent as a notification email to all Users at the email address provided by them at the registration. After the amendment, the further use of Zeewa.io means the acceptance of the amendment to the “GT&C”.


zeewa.io: Internet portal available at www.zeewa.io. The portal is owned and operated by the Service Provider;

Zeewa: an acronym consisting of the words zero emission and waste management. An acronym whose meaning is also the purpose of zeewa.io itself. To achieve this result, we collect donations using zeewa.io;

User: a natural or legal person who registers on zeewa.io, or provides data without registration;

Donation: the amount of money either for a determined purpose or for general use, transferred to the zeewa.io website by the User by cash deposit or a virtual wallet;

Report: reporting illegal waste-dumping and landfills using the reporting feature on zeewa.io;

Waste hunting: Participation in the detection, reporting and clean-ups of illegal landfills;

Waste hunter: a zeewa.io user who performs waste hunting activity in the way that is recorded on zeewa.io;

Objective: Covering the total cost of clearing an illegal landfill;

Token: The zeewa-token (ZWA) is a virtual currency created to reward waste hunters. Zeewa-tokens are so-called G20 tokens and are located on the GoChain blockchain. Tokens are issued based on incoming donations.;

Smart contract: Smart contract is a special procedure that targets, controls or executes the negotiation and performance of the contract using blockchain technology. It allows you to execute trustworthy, authentical transactions without the involvement of a third party. The transactions are transparent, traceable and irreversible. They contain the terms of the contract and are executed automatically. In the zeewa.io waste hunter interface, users have the option to create a smart contract when creating an event.

Patron: A zeewa.io user who supports waste hunters individually with a donation placed on zeewa.io;

Community: Users of zeewa.io, the messengers of an environmentally-responsible message which points to the future.

1. Registration

The services of zeewa.io are available to all those who register, are natural persons or business organizations. To natural persons under the age of 14, the services are only available with parental permission.

By registering, the User acknowledges providing real user data and contract details in every case. The same applies to the registration of economic organizations. If the Service Provider becomes aware that the range of data provided by the User contains unreal or false elements, the Service Provider is entitled to restrict the User's access or to completely ban the User from the zeewa.io system.

The Service Provider reserves the right to check the registration data provided by the User at any time, especially if there is any doubt regarding the authenticity and veracity of the registration data provided by the User. (security data reconciliation). During the duration of the inspection, the Service Provider is entitled to suspend access to User’s user account for an indefinite period, but at the latest until the completion of the inspection.

2. Content

The Service Provider does not automatically check the content placed, posted, displayed and published by the users on the website. The Service Provider, as an intermediary, is not responsible for the transmitted information. The User is solely responsible for the content published or made available, including any material and non-material damage that may be caused by the content. No illegal content (such as personal or special data of third parties, posts, legally protected or copyrighted intellectual property, especially images) can be placed on zeewa.io.  Furthermore, the content displayed on the website shall not prejudice the rights of third parties, directly or indirectly infringe any laws (for instance, calls for committing an offence).

If the content published or made available by the User on zeewa.io is infringing, the Service Provider may remove the given content. The Service Provider cooperates with the authorities within the relevant and current legal framework in order to hold the perpetrators of the infringement liable.

Furthermore, the Service Provider reserves the right to ban any users or delete any content from the website that the Service Provider deems to be objectionable and/or offensive, unfair, violent, immoral, obscene, racist, defamatory, misleading, deceptive or unlawful. The User may not make any claims for compensation or appeal against the Service Provider’s decision to ban anyone or to delete any objectionable contents from the website.

3. Donations

The Service Provider allows the Users to make donations to waste-hunters or for clearing illegal landfills indicated on the website, in order to achieve the Objective. The Service Provider offers several payment methods, such as credit card, bank transfer, telephone call, crypto and micro payments.

The donations will be allocated for the chosen event, waste hunt and waste hunter. If the target amount of an event has not been reached, the Service Provider uses the amount to achieve a similar Objective.

The Service Provider shall not be liable towards Users for the non-payment of the offers made by other Users, as well as for any errors or cancellations of the Services available at the events. In addition, the Service Provider does not take any responsibility for the fulfillment of the commitments made by Waste Hunters.

4. Protection of personal data

The confidentiality of the User's personal data is a primary requirement, therefore the Service Provider may handle the User's personal data only in the manner set forth in the Privacy Policy, and makes it available to authorities only within the relevant legal framework.

The Service Provider uses only the information of the personal data provided by the User that is necessary for identifying the User or for the operation of the given function, inter alia:

- data of registered users may be available at a specific event in order to allow waste hunters to consult each other regarding the fundraising.

5. Complaints, contact

Complaints and user inquiries related to the Service can be submitted to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Complaints and user inquiries shall be investigated and answered by the Service Provider speedily, but no later than the expiry of the time limit laid down by the relevant legal provisions on consumer complaints.

6. Compensation, indemnification

The User agrees to indemnify the Service Provider against any third party claim related to or arising from the User's use of zeewa.io, including claims of any nature or type, costs resulting from any claim, omission, damage (actual and consequential), lawsuit, judgment, costs of litigation and other legal fees and expenses. In these cases, the Service Provider notifies the User in writing of the claim, lawsuit or procedure.

7. Disclaimer of warranties

The Service Provider, its partners, suppliers, consultants and agents disclaim any and all liability for the authenticity, content, completeness, legality, reliability, functionality or availability of the information or materials posted on zeewa.io. The Service Provider excludes any and all liability for the behavior of each User.

All the services, features and information available on or through zeewa.io are provided without warranty of any kind.

The User agrees to use the applications available on zeewa.io solely at his own risk. Apart from this, the User accepts that the Service Provider shall not be liable for any material and non-material damage that may arise during use.

All disputes related to the interpretation or implementation of this Agreement shall be settled by mutual agreement, through negotiations between the Parties. If the Parties fail to reach an agreement within 30 days of the start of the negotiations, the Parties shall designate a court of competent jurisdiction in Budapest for the legal dispute.

The User shall make every effort that may reasonably be required of him / her to protect his / her personal data, especially the password necessary for the use of the services provided by the Service Provider. The User is responsible for all activities that took place using his login ID or password.


This document is the version of the GT&C taking effect from October 1. 2019.

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