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Would you like to do something for the environment but you don't have time? Support our environmental ambassadors, who encourage others with their daily activities and movements to save our environment and our society.

If you become a patron, you can help our ambassadors to achieve their extaordinary goals: to organize their events and to carry out further actions

They are regular guests in the media and also the leaders of various events and societies because of their exceptional performance.

If you become a patron, then you'll be directly invited to their presentations, to their events, or you can meet them for a coffee and a hearty conversation.

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Balázs Kertész

Environmental Engineer/JÖN Founder/Zeewa Inventor

Péter Szebenyi

Environmental influencer/JÖN and Wastehunter funder

Schóber Judit

JÖN faültetési vezető / Környezetmérnök

Markó-Valentyik Anna

Környezetvédelmi nagykövet

Máté Jóni

Environmental Ambassador

Romhányi Hajnalka

Környezetvédelmi nagykövet

Attila Mogyorósi

Environmental Ambassador

Zlatnik Gábor

Környezetvédelmi nagykövet

Mónika Maksa

Translator/Zeewa activist

Szabolcs Gáll

IT/Zeewa Lead Developer

Fanni Pataki

Environmental Ambassador

Gergely Tóth

Environmental Ambassador

Boross Lili

Környezetvédelmi nagykövet

David Sabo

Block Chain Expert/Product Designer

Zsolt Zathureczky

Environmental Ambassador

Weigert Péter

Környezetvédelmi nagykövet

McMenemy Márk

Környezetvédelmi nagykövet